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Yesterday I went to the Hunting-ton Botanical Garden in San Marino to make a delivery of my greeting cards to the Gift Shop and also to sign a new shipment of my book ‘The Ch’i of the Brush’. I try to never miss a stop at the GARDEN OF FLOWING FRAGRANCE, the new and utterly captivating Chinese Garden. I know it’s so very crowded but even with that, all the bustle of people wanting to see it, the experience is still breathtaking. You’re immediately transported to China and the wondrous gardens in Suzhou which we’ll soon be visiting.

Take special note of the first vista to the left as you enter the main portal. The Wisteria is in full bloom and the most glorious Chinese rock stands guard over a charming waterfall that sends a stream meandering to the Japanese Garden. Stop for tea and just transport yourself to another world.

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