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My most precious memory of China is of our sweet Ellie Lynn ministering to my poor feet. After hobbling thru the Forbidden City and then the trudge to Tiananmen Square, they were beyond any capacity for carrying me further. Ellie did her best to talk me thru the long march saying things such as, “It’s so much better to have someone to talk to as you walk” and “just take it a step at a time.” March on I did but Ellie perceptively said, “you better come to our room tonight……..I have MOLESKIN.” The hours ticked by as I waited for Ellie and John to return from the Chinese Opera. Finally, they were back and I staggered to their room. Suffice it to say I have never experienced such an act of gentle, loving kindness which I will never forget. A line from Anne Lamott’s exquisite book ‘Traveling Mercies’ comes to mind…….”I let them work on me, and after a little while I thought of the sacredness of animals grooming each other. I felt the connection and the tenderness, the reciprocal healing offered by the laying on of hands.”

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