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We love to paint, it’s empowering and joyful but where did Chinese Brush painting come from? Why Calligraphy? Considered to be an art form of the highest order in the East! In fact, two of the subjects, Bamboo and the Chinese Orchid were the first painted subjects and began what we now understand as one of the most expressive art forms, Chinese Brush painting

So many students have expressed a desire to learn Calligraphy to enhance their artwork and deepen their understanding of Brush painting that I have determined to find the best possible teacher for us. He has been found … Master Calligrapher and teacher Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow. We met this week and had a marvelous time discussing the various styles of calligraphy and the importance of introducing them to the Western art world.

Shantien has kindly agreed to teach two series of classes in my studio. The classes will be held once a month and there will be a ‘first Saturday’ series of six classes beginning on July 5th and a ‘second Wednesday’ series starting July 9th. To learn more about this and to register, click here Be sure to scroll on past the order box to see the wonderful examples.

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