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It was most strange, something like burning paper, just in the living room. Did I burn some pre-Thanksgiving dish? We searched and searched … nothing but this strong smell of burning paper. O.K., call the fire department!

The sirens were coming closer, would the massive engines make it up the hill, would they be able to park, would they discover the source of our anxiety? We were told to get everyone out of the house … at the time the nose count was seven for lunch plus one 95 pound fluff named Yuki! Charles grabbed the dog, I grabbed the guests and out we went.

What heros our firemen are. Have you seen up close all the garb they have to wear? And the hatchets, the odds and ends they have strapped to their belts … don’t forget the handy portable fire extinguisher.

I couldn’t miss anything so back into the house I went, followed by everyone including the dog and round and round we all paced, sniffing. Even Yuki was sniffing!

Nothing … out came the strange device with which they can point to ANYTHING to see if it registers HEAT! … NOTHING.

Up to the studio they trudged … nothing. Downstairs … nothing. O.K. we’re all relieved but as they were exiting, one very, very smart fireman lifted a cocktail napkin off a glass table next to the window…waved it about and said, “I always carry one of these about when we can’t find anything.” We all laughed and sighed with relief…the napkin had been burned on one side!

How could this be? Well, for all you Boy Scouts out there, when you’re in the wilderness you know how to start a campfire. Two sticks rubbed together or by pointing the sunbeam through a glass sphere into something flammable. Who knew?

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