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…when we were at the home of Rose and Ken Nielsen (President of Woodbury Univ.) for a Christmas brunch for Woodbury supporters.

To digress, amazing Rose is senior director of development for the School of Architecture and she has been the driving force behind its new Julius Shulman Institute cataloging some 70,000 slides!

While in their beautiful backyard, Charles was entranced by the hummingbird’s darting to the Nielsen’s feeders. Well, we have hummingbirds in our yard and they flit around like mad but somehow this was different. ASAP, CLP went on line and ordered a feeder. Who knew?

By coincidence/serendipity, I sat next to a ‘birder’ at Hildegard Lindsay’s Christmas luncheon and we got to exchanging info. I for one told how delighted I was by the book kept at the front of the ‘Boathouse Restaurant’ in N.Y.C.’s Central Park where visitors come to record their observations of birds and other Park wildlife in the “Bird Register”. Entrancing!

For this information I was traded the fact that you have to wash out the hummingbird feeder at least once a week. When ours arrived, we had a major discussion on how much ‘syrup’ to make, how long to ‘boil’ it and my input that hanging a hummingbird feeder means assuming a certain amount of responsibility for the well being of a fragile and trusting creature.

So, here it is, up and not quite full (my suggestion). The hummingbirds are feasting on all of the flowers in our little garden so I suspect they are saving our feeder for reserve.

All this to say we wish 2009 will be filled with ABUNDANT SWEETNESS for you.

For more information: for books on Julius Shulman’s oeuvre

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