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…it’s a birthday party for you but you give everyone else a gift!

That’s exactly what Valerie Foster Hoffman did as all 35 guests received the most delightful ‘Chimes of Pluto’ wind chimes. I placed mine at the bottom of the stairs leading to the studio so everyone can make a joyful sound as they enter.
This lovliest of parties was at Cal Tech in the Library at The Athenaeum. We also got to see the Albert Einstein Suite (so I feel much smarter now).
Here are our hostesses for this beautiful birthday luncheon:

Seated from the left, Carol Soucek King, Valerie the beautiful birthday girl, and Joyce Hameetman. Standing from the left are, Gayle Garner Roski, Virginia Kazanjian and Valerie’s charming sister Vanya Foster Rohner.
Gayle Garner Roski should sound familiar to you as she is an amazingly talented, award winning artist.
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