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…all set for Charles lovely daughter Peggy and hubby John Berry. Note the Godiva chocolates on the pillows and there are even eye masks!

We are so delighted to have Peggy here each year when she attends a national conference as the Development Director of the East Texas Food Bank. Atty. hubby John flew in for the weekend when the conference was over and then it was on to the Parker B&B.

You know we cherish each precious moment but probably try to cram too much in…especially in the eating department.

This is the table to get at Anisette Brasserie if you want to watch all the action in the kitchen!

Chef/owner Alain Giraud, master of all he surveys.

Note: If you want the amazing pate you better order it when making your reservation. It totally sells out in a flash.

Let’s call this one ‘Meditation on Bamboo’ or, Yuki Says…’Time for Walkies!’

Peggy & John at the Griffith Park Observatory

Eating again? (We gave Little Dom’s another chance.)

Proud dad and lovely daughter.

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