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…and it will benefit the West Valley Food Bank. So said Carolyn Weisz who, with artist friend Denise Hufhines came up with the plan to have a wine tasting, dinner and auction followed by more food and yummy deserts.

Carolyn and husband Dr. Jeff hosted and guests were told to bring a bottle of wine which was then encased in Renolds wrap and placed on a table. We were given sheets of paper with the numbers of the bottles and instructions to taste and rate. I could easily see that this was brilliant planning…after all that wine tasting…we raised a lot of money!

We had been told to bring a ‘White Elephant’ item from home that we would want to ‘get ‘rid of” and also something on the ‘nice’ side.

Denise explains how the auction works:

The auctioneer (Dr. Jeff) was to hold up an item like the ‘lovely’ dancing puppet. You could either bid on it yourself or bid for someone else to receive it. That’s when it got really hysterical. If you didn’t want the item, you’d have to raise the bid to give it to someone else. It’s hard to describe but if you want to give such a fun packed party to benefit either a food bank or some other worthy cause…call Denise!

You’ll want to know more about Carolyn, Denise and
her hubby Donald. They are all wonderful students of mine and this happy picture was taken at their joint, sold out art exhibit!

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