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…to be the guest of awesome Valerie Foster Hoffman for a private tour of ‘Masters of the American West’ at the Autry led by Curator Amy Scott. Dinner followed at the California Club and was a lovely chance to discuss the art.

I hadn’t been to the Autry since the opening reception of ‘On Gold Mountain: a Chinese American Experience’ based on the fascinating book by Lisa See. Lisa and her cousin Leslee See Leong were the guest curators. (Leslee’s father, Gilbert Leong, architect and artist, was a founder of the East West bank and an encouraging patron and dear friend. I just ran across a note from him where he happily said ‘I had gotten it just right!’)

You’ll want to know about two of the artists who exhibited in the show. Gayle Garner Roski and Peter Adams.

In the years that I’ve known Gayle my admiration for her dedication to her work has never wavered. Looking at the body of her work as well as the four paintings exhibited, her color, design & theme concepts are always new, exciting and original, developed within the framework of her exacting technique.

As for Peter, well, let’s just call him the ‘Modern Master of Light’. I first met Peter when he studied at the Lukits Academy of Fine Arts as I did for a short time in the 70’s. I discovered Brush painting and Peter went on to become Mr. Lutkits Personal Apprentice & #1 student! Then as always, Peter remains the consummate gentleman and it’s always a joy to see him and Elaine, his beautiful wife.

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