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…is how we were identified on the waiting list at Cafe Beaujolais Saturday night. It was a long day, we were tired and wanted a relaxed delicious dinner at one of our favorite Eagle Rock spots where ‘everything truly is French, even the attitude’. It’s such a casual ‘bistro’ that we never suspected to be greeted by such a mob scene. After waiting over thirty minutes we were able to sit at the bar and when we were offered complimentary drinks were told how our ‘name’ was listed… as “The Woman We Know”.

Besides the great food, the French waiters in their jeans and black T-shirts, it’s fascinating to watch them all operate like one organism…moving with precision and such politeness with one another. Check it out!

For more information:
Cafe Beaujolais
1712 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock. 90041

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