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with one of our trees.  Over the years our ancient Japanese gardener has trimmed this tree into submission.  We’re at a point now where man and Bonsai tree have such a bonded relationship that all else pales by comparison.  Jeffrey has truly ‘become one with the tree’ and his helpers are left on their own to do whatever it is that they do (or do not do).IMG_4064

Besides his artistry with said tree, Jeffrey is a gifted poet and calligrapher as evidenced by this lovely poem he presented to us. It was an Award Winning Submittal  in the International Ancient Chinese Poetry Contest.


by Nobukai Isobe

The crescent moon floats above the desert at twilight

The lonely lights from a small faraway town glimmers in the cold air

A formation of geese disappear into picturesque white clouds

Their sad cry left behind in the grand sky.

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