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When the amazingly talented and simply wonderful Molly Siple phoned with two tickets to the opera (thanks to Peter Adams) she said that she knew I’d be the most fun to go with.  And what opera is that pray tell?  Why five hours of fun and frivolity otherwise known as Wagner’s laugh a minute ‘Die Walkure’.

We had a grand start at the California Club which got us shuttled right to the Music Center with no parking to deal with and it was only upward from there.

Five hours passed like 2 and we were enthralled throughout.  We loved the staging by Achim Freyer because it was so symbolic and imaginative and kept us busy figuring out what everything meant as Wagner’s myth was truly represented as a myth and not meant wagnerfor traditionalists.

Did I mention Molly is brilliantly clever?  For the beyond description birthday bash given for me by Valerie Hoffman (more on that later), Molly gifted me with ‘Decoding Wagner’ by Thomas May.  All you would need to know plus two full length BMG Classics CD’s. Ride on Walkure’s, ride on!

Here’s Hildegard Lindsay, Molly, Valerie and yours truly…


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