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…is that you have a friend as loving, thoughtful and generous as Valerie Foster Hoffman, a combination of Auntie Mame, Pearl Mesta and Mother Teressa with a big dollop of St. Francis of Assisi!

Starting with the beautiful invitations Valerie sent out for the memorable birthday party she was planning for me, each detail became more and more amazing.

Pictures were taken of all arriving guests (no autographs please) and exquisite picture frames were our place markers.  What a convivial group all combining to make a true love feast.

Mom and Valerie


IMG_4258 To enter Valerie’s garden is to stumble upon Paradise and that is where we had our alfresco luncheon. Here is just one of the beautiful tables.


img_cakeCouldn’t we just have one candle?  This brought new meaning to the term killer chocolate cake.  It was delightful to hear that there had been a ‘cake tasting’ the week before.



Josie, Valerie’s amazing chef kept the champagne flowing!


Valerie made sure everything was perfect!IMG_4264


You have to see Prince Emanuel, Valerie’s ‘rescue’ doggie…he was in a sorry state when she got him but boy, look at him now!!!  Didn’t I tell you she has a real streak of St. Francis!



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