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Hey, why not! I already told you I stayed with two brainiacs, Hannah and James Dean while in Eugene. Mason Williams introduced me to the incomprable Dottie Chase who took me to lunch which just turned out to be with Jerry Williams and professor Alexandra Bonds. Both Fulbright scholars, Alexandra wrote ‘the’ definitive book on Beijing opera costumes. Her book, BEIJING OPERA COSTUMES: The visual Communication of Character and Culture is lavisly illustrated, “a thorough examination of costuming (including make-up) in traditional Beijing opera. With her extensive fieldwork in China…it’s a guide to the visual world of Beijing opera and the only book of it’s kind in English…it’s very hard to conceive of it being surpassed any time soon.” David Rolston, Univ. of Michigan.

Now let me tell you about the amazing Jerry Williams the most irrepressible and delightful person one could ever hope to meet. Jerry has the most reputable career in theatre design, costume design, and ceramics beginning with studying set design (alongside James Cromwell…the farmer from the movie ‘Babe’) at the Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh followed by graduate school at the Univ. of Washington. This outstanding advocate of the arts feels art nourishes life. “In stage design you have unity, color, contrast, variety…these components of set and stage design are also the components necessary in life”…Art is connected with the higher power. God and art are inextricably linked; when you embrace art, you embrace God as well.” Beautifully put Jerry!

It was a great joy and honor to have Jerry visit my workshop at the Emerald Art Center and how wonderful to introduce him to everyone. I have to mention that Jerry presented me with a beautiful Tai silk scarf, his way of gifting friends. Oh, I neglected mentioning that Mason Williams also honored me by stopping by the workshop…what a thrill to introduce him and have him talk to the class.

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