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IMG_4649Rolls-Royce that is … so Paul Rusnak threw a little party for 1,000 of his closest friends to unveil one of them Saturday night.  It turned out to be a magical evening held on Spartacus Square, European Square & streets and the Court of Miracles … all on the Universal Studio’s back lot! IMG_4662

The 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost was ‘unveiled’ by two beauties aided by Miss California.  You could actually hear the drum beat of all the palpitating hearts.


I just want  the retracting ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ statuette. (hood ornament)

There was also an unveiling for the 2010 Jaguar XJ “experience the beauty…feel the exhilaration”…but all I was feeling at that point was pangs of hunger as we stood in one of the four lines of starving souls waiting for prime beef, et al.

  Did I mention the Porsche 2010 Panamera?  A four seater…imagine … what’s the world coming to?  we were told to “Drive into a new dimension”…well, O.K.IMG_4674

Paul Rusnak, and Us

IMG_4686To top it all of there was a glamorous runway show in Spartacus Square of the Kevan Hall ‘spring’ fashions.  Tres chic!!

When we came home it was time to relax on the patio with one of the Cruzan cigars from ‘Cigars by Chivas’.  Oh please, that was Charles!!

A Very Nice Party! Thank You

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