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…it’s a grand celebrational, simply sensational PARTY!  You can imagine my delight in being included as I actually had the day clear (O.K., so maybe I did play hooky).

Back to the party…the Athena Circle invited the foremost designers in Los Angeles to interpret ‘A Festive Holiday Table’ at the California Club.  Lunch was yummy and Valerie’s table was a joy to experience.  As usual with Valerie, you never go home empty handed so our table was treated to beautiful crystal vases by Geary’s, a special CD honoring Michael Jackson (leave it to V. to find such a thing) and the cutest Halloween stuffed bears that I tried in vain to hide from Yuki.IMG_4769 We’re ready to party!

The guest speaker was Suzanne Tucker who gave a power point lecture on her new book, ‘Rooms to Remember’.  All I could think of was Carol Soucek King’s amazing design oriented books from ‘Empowered Spaces’ in ‘93 to ‘Unique Homes’ in 2006.  Next time you’re in the studio be sure to see my treasured books.


It was a special treat to see the ‘Table Top’ designed by Tommy Farmer as he did the exquisite flowers for our wedding.  Carol remembers we had an added touch of guests releasing live butterflies!


Carol & Valerie, Yours truly, & Shelly Ann Marks in from Houston

Almost stealing the spotlight was Kennedy, the adorable Yellow Lab puppy with his little ‘puppy in training for Guide Dogs of America’ jacket, letting us all know a most important job awaited him.

IMG_4786  Kellie Brimberry said it’s really hard to give these amazing dogs to their intended owners. (No surprise there.)  F.Y.I. Captain Sully Sullenberger the 3rd has been fostering these doggies for years and you can read all about him and the puppies on their website. Be sure to check out the puppy cam videos.

IMG_4782 Woops, alert, alert, dog napper sighted!

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