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…for their New Year’s Day open house. Every year Carol and Richard have friends over for a pre-parade gathering then those going to the event are off ‘till 10:30 when a larger group gathers together for brunch and grand festivities before the game. I was talking with Anne Bloomstrom when I glanced to my left and there in the distance just outside in the pool area were the reindeer…well, kinda. O.K., so maybe not even close,but what a photo op. Peter Adams, noted plein air painter, was trying to reign all five of his Australian Shepherds in (mom and her pups) with very little success.


I did the best I could to capture the moment as did Peter but mayhem broke out and with dogs completely tangled, some deciding to swim and perhaps wander off, it was like herding goldfish!


Wishing you a Perfect ‘10!

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