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Thanks to wonderful New Year’s Day photos sent by Carol Soucek King and Valerie Foster Hoffman!





Ta Da!! For the big smiles!!!!!!






Yours truly with Eugene and Valerie Hoffman


NewYears2009283 Amazing Rose Nielsen, President of Woodbury University Library Associates (a good thing to join)  with beautiful Valerie Hoffman and Vicki McDermott (in from Indian Wells for the celebration)




More big smiles from Bruce and Anne Blomstrom


NewYears2009295 Shelby Goodman with David and Joyce Motazedi (celebrated equine artist) and host Carol Soucek King

NewYears2009296 Our delightful hosts Carol & Richard King with Shelby Goodman







Lovebirds JoAnn and John Gantus




Home at last, the ‘Foxy’ Duchess and Stella Bentley both in need of a nap after the big adventure!


*To chase, to chase, to find precious doggie…

Home again, home again, a happy end to the story.

* With thanks to for helping me find (and alter) this very old nursery rhyme

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