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…things I hope you don’t miss now that summer is almost here.

The Peonies at Trader Joe’s…just in season for a couple of weeks and just glorious.  Thank you Molly Siple for bringing me such amazing flowers.  It’s really an experience not to be missed.

Did you noticed when the birds really started singing?  Almost a serenade to us but they’re probably squabbling over land rights.  No matter, I love it.

And a must hear is kd langs version of Leonard Cohens ‘HALLELUJAH’ on Be sure to watch the version with 3,362,333 + views…it’s the best!

For a must watch it’s Elizabeth Gilbert (EAT, PRAY LOVE) on nurturing creativity and Amy Tam on creativity…search on for both.

If you’ve wondered how to paint Butterflies, check out my how-to video on

Wishing you a glorious summer…….enjoy each precious day!!!

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