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…..with an Episcopal Chaplain who said that his definition of faith is to be present in the moment/situation.  That was an eye opening statement that got me thinking about why I was so very moved at Judith Nelson’s recent birthday bash.

There we all were, over two hundred happy campers who have all been the beneficiaries of Judith’s being ‘present in the moment’ with her friendship.  It was humbling and awe inspiring.IMG_1224

This delightful painting greeted us as we entered the grounds of college roomie Marsha Bohr’s ‘French chateau’.IMG_1226

Beginning to mingle and below is guest of honor, our Miss Judith in the middle with effervescent Marsha to the left.IMG_1232

Dr. Charles Rosenbaum is engrossed by wife Isabel who I will love forever and delightful Marsha.IMG_1233

Someday I will have to write a blog about the amazing Min Lush who thanks to Judith has become a dear and precious faith filled friend who continually gives so generously of her time and heart. 

Min is the most knowledgeable person on real estate and her lectures throughout the state are continually sold out!!!IMG_1234

This was so amazing…Judith wrote “I regard the people connected to me as treasured gifts’.  And ditto to you we say!!!  The tree had various branches showing where we all fit in.  One from being Chief Counsel at Teledyne,a cute branch for ‘The Tuscany 12’…12 friends who as the title suggest, had a memorable journey to Tuscany.  And so on….IMG_1236

See if you can find Charles and me in this (one of two) collection of friends who share in their awe of Judith.IMG_1238


The band was sooooo much fun!!!IMG_1241

Even as a confessed foodie I can’t begin to describe the food….and the impeccable service.  Wine?  The finest California has to offer, carefully selected and truly running over!!!IMG_1243

We were given free range of the house and ‘facilities’ with the exception of the ‘forbidden room’ which I may be arm twisted to divulge.IMG_1244As each guest left we were handed a beautiful long stemmed rose by “The Girls with Roses”, The Valettes, Ltd.

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