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…As promised, here’s the reason I was at Lisa See’s on that eventful, stormy night.

You’re in for a real treat because Lisa has written that much anticipated sequel to ‘SHANGHAI GIRLS’ titled ‘DREAMS OF JOY’ which is also published by Random House.  Written in Lisa’s engrossing style with her remarkable scholarship, this book follows the paths of the two sisters, Pearl and May and within it’s pages is a search for the emotion of joy.

Lisa had asked me to be a member of the Empress Book Club because Random House was sponsoring a filming of Lisa which would include a segment of the book club’s discussion with her.  Of course, at the time the sun was shinning, but you know I would have said yes in any event.  The taping was so much fun and I could hardly wait until it went ‘public’ so I could tell you all about it.  Best of all I met two wonderful women…the amazing Kathy Patrick, author and founder of the ‘Beauty and the Book Salon’ and the ‘Pulpwood Queen Book Club’ the largest meeting and discussion book club in the world  with more than 400 chapters across the country and over 3,500 members!  Kathy has been featured on GMA and OPRAH besides having interviewed just about every famous author you could ever think of!  Plus, she’s just a great gal !!!

As if that wasn’t terrific enough, I met Skye Van Raalte-Herzog, the producer of the film and was able to watch her at her most exciting, creative best…a true learning experience.

If you go to and click on Episodes, it’s #8.  You’ll see Lisa at Pacific Asia Museum, Kathy doing a ‘make-over’on Lisa and the Empress Book Club section with yours truly followed by a yummy cooking segment.  It’s delightful!


Kathy holding a copy of ‘Shanghai Girls’ with author Lisa See




Getting the audio just right!




Lights, camera…action…..




Here’s the ‘camera’ part……




Skye is on the far right making sure a shot is just right….




In the kitchen ……be sure to write down the delicious recipe you’ll see on the video…

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