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…..after three very long months that seemed like a year!  The Brush painting class is now in the TEACHING GREENHOUSE as the Ikebana House is being restored.  This is all in preparation for the Japanese Garden’s 100th anniversary.  There will also be a restoration of the pond system, work done on pathways and the installation of a tea house and garden up by the scree slope.   Very exciting!002

Then after class, it was delightful serendipity to see Kathabela Wilson, poet, artist, jewelry designer extraordinaire and one of the sweetest persons to ever grace our beautiful blue planet.  Kathabela with her husband Richard,a math professor at Caltech, have the most amazing special poetry events.  So numerous and interesting, I really think you’ll do yourself a great favor by asking to be on their mailing list.  The current one has so much good stuff on it that it would take till forever to list it all. One such event is the Poets on Site, The Poetry Tour of the 40th anniversary exhibit, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, CA.  You will be amazed at how many wonderful cultural events are going on right in our midst! Richard is also a brilliant flautist and gives concerts hither and yon.  His website is packed full of interesting info.



Sweet Susan Rogers with delightful Kathabela on the right in her ever present charming flowered hat.

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