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…..has set aside 20 silkscreen  pieces of his latest work ‘CRUISING WHITTIER BOULEVARD’ pre-publication (the release date is in December.)  The original oil painting of this delightful work (seen below) was commissioned by AltaMed Health Services for their corporate offices and the silkscreen of the image was produced by master printer Richard Duardo. The limited edition of 100 was hand printed with the 20 colors separated by Frank.



Frank is a dedicated member of the Los Angeles arts community and a founding member of the influential Chicano art collective, ‘LOS FOUR’.  With numerous murals throughout the city, this amazing artist has shown extensively in the States, Europe and Japan as well as being featured at the National Museum of Art in Washington and our own LACMA! 


Charles and I are so thrilled to own this original Romero oil.


Looking at artwork


Art everywhere!

052Frank and his wife,  talented artist Sharon, will be returning to France shortly where they work six months of the year.  Their atelier is located in the village of Mirmande, an area rich with wine, fruit and Vahlrona chocolate. Yummy!



Sharon teaches classes on ‘The Art of the Tart’ based on her handmade books of art and recipes.  What fun to experience life in Provence and learn to cook like a French home cook. 


I plan on taking the class here when they return in six months!  Just working at this fantastic stove will transport me to France!


Meet ‘Flocon’ (French for Snowflake) who has his own passport.


Photographs courtesy of Nikka Carrasco!


For more information:

Romero Studio

Sharon & Frank Romero


1625 Blake Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90031


And coming soon:


Atelier Romero

Le Village

26270 Mirmande


06 33 26 23 09

Richard Duardo, founder of Modern Multiples, L.A.  Fine Art Serigraph/Silkscreen


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