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…..has been open to the public for years but it took my grade school friend Marsha Weis from Chicago to get me to the Weisman home to view this outstanding eclectic collection.  Marsha was always the smartest student and has remained so throughout the years.  After retiring from her law practice she became a docent at the Modern in Chicago and is always my go to gal on what to read see and do!

Anyway, Marsha made reservations for us as the Foundation is very strict on the number of people it admits at any given time and also on your arrival time.  We’ve both seen a lot of art thru the years but were staggered by the breadth, quality and depth of this man’s collection. Name any important artist in the 20th century and somewhere in the Weisman collection you’ll find them.

Marsha at the entrance as we began the tour.002

Getting ready to be a Botero model.



Where better to catch up than the Ivy on Robertson.  We seem to always land there whenever Marsha’s in town.


Inside at the Ivy.  A beautiful composition.


Oh, one other thing….while there is no charge for the outstanding docent led tour, bring $40. in cash for the Weisman Art Foundation catalog.  It’s a bargain and they don’t take credit cards.

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