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….the only question is….. ‘What’s keeping you’???  For 62 years, Pink’s has been known as the ‘Hot Dog to the Stars’ and it’s impossible to go there and not stand in line for what seems like an eternity….especially when the line snakes around, back and forth as all the while you salivate.

Now it’s a long story why Tomiko and I found ourselves at Pink’s with only $11.50 between us and only broken ATM’s nearby.  Don’t panic says I…we can both get a dog if we pick wisely.  Order we did and while standing in ANOTHER line to pay,we spied a colossal dog with all the trimmings and started moaning….WOW…what is that!  Some fellow had just ordered two and the server said it was no problem if we wanted to change our order.  Yes, yes we greedily replied as we decided it was big enough to split.

Once inside we happened to sit down next to that nice fellow and his girlfriend and he proceeded to ask me why on earth didn’t I get 2 Dr. Brown’s Cream Sodas to go with.  Oh says I, that’s my very favorite drink of all but we only had $11.50.  Now can it get any more pitiful than that?  I doubt it….rather like ‘Please sir, may I have more porridge’!  Well, you probably figured out the rest of the story…that great guy got up and bought us 2 Dr. Brown’s!!




Note, NO credit cards and they do not have an ATM!!!


See,it’s really colossal and more than enough to share!…..

For more information:

707 N. LaBrea, La.

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