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It all started with Laurie Burton’s B’day that we celebrated during class  last Saturday.

Nikka, my super duper assistant, had instructions to bring the cake up to the studio at 12:45 (lunch time).  We pulled off the surprise and all sang Happy Birthday to Laurie!!!


Time to cut the cake Laurie…we’re waiting!!!029

Mom followed with her B’day on Sunday …..

Awwwwww…………….so sweet!004

Time to party…the balloons are here!!! 011

Hey Vicki, is that slice big enough?  (Not really!!)021

Then Tuesday it was dinner at the Jonathan Club.  A B’day treat of Rose and Ken Nielsen,President of Woodbury University.  Although I’m invited, I feel like a fifth wheel as those three spend the evening (same thing last year) jawing about Nebraska.  I nod off.

Finally, the CAKE!001 

Mom in her element.005

We thought it would be funny to take a picture of Ken carrying mom’s purse!!!009

…..Sir Charles B’day yesterday!!!

Martin & Nikka got the banners and balloons up with Yuki supervising.007

More balloons…………..010

Where’s the cake?


Oh, presents first.027


Yuki gave up on getting any cake …after much begging she was forced to eat her own dinner.005

This was soooooo much fun!!!


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