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…..were held here at the Pasadena Convention Center but we weren’t there for that.  Time for the ‘LEARNING AND PRODUCT EXPO’.  I’ve taught each year since it’s inception back when the name was ‘Art Methods and Materials’.  It’s been great fun over the years as people travel from all over the country to take classes.  In the ‘90’s my class sizes were at least 30 students and I taught for four days.  The economy has changed that somewhat but the show is still fun and exciting.


O.K., here’s the brush, here’s the paper…



That’s right, tear the paper…023

Now to begin…..


Time to demo painting a Moon Bamboo!




What great students!!!


I’m now a conductor!


Painting a butterfly.

The next class was the Iris.  Christine left early to head on back to Chula Vista.  What a talented, fun group.


A special shout out to Gail Fishback who along with Irene Gruen does an amazing job of running this huge undertaking.  Gail has been so kind to me over the years, making sure that I have everything that I need and that the logistics are as easy as can be.  THANK YOU GAIL!!!

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