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…..has the fullest schedule of anyone I know.  Besides her enthralling, fact filled novels….’Dreams of Joy’ being the latest in a long list of #1 best sellers…. she is either away on a book tour or lined up to lecture locally.  I say all that to give you some idea of the difficulty in scheduling a luncheon as I often ask her ‘Do you have a personal life at all?’

The ‘ticket’ to this gathering was a history and or intense background in things Chinese.

Artist Gail Garner Roski…. (yes, as in the Gayle Garner Roski School of Fine Arts/USC)…. & Dr. Rozella Knox who had 2 or 3 times previously invited Lisa to speak to the VIP auxiliary of the Assistance League of Southern California.


  With the table limited to nine women (including Lisa) who shared this commonality the field was really narrowed and I thought this must be how the Algonquin Round Table was!

Seated from lower left:

Betty Wang who recently arranged Lisa See’s presentation/book signing at the South Pasadena Public Library.  It was a huge success!

Dottie O’Carroll, Executive Director of Advancement, USC School of Architecture who has traveled to China many times as part of her responsibilities with the American Academy in China/USC (founded by Dean Qingyun Ma).

Artist Gail Garner Roski

Lisa See with our beautiful hostess, author Carol Soucek King.  I am so proud to have all of Carol’s exquisite books on design.  My favorite being ‘Empowered Spaces’. Carol’s ‘Salon’s’ bring the most interesting people in various fields together to make this beautiful blue planet a better home for us all.


From the top right:

Yours truly…

Dr. Knox who just retired from her longtime family practice in Glendale leaving a ton of very sad patients!

Shouning Li, wife of architect Qingyun Ma, Dean of USC School of Architecture and founder of MADA s.p.a.m. architectual firm headquarted in Shanghai.  Shouning Li is a brilliant architect in her own right & is Senior Project Manager for Capital Construction Development/USC.  WOW!  The two of us had a delightful talk about Brush painting!

Author, teacher and lecturer Carolyn See.

It was especially meaningful for me to have a chance to visit with Lisa’s mom, Carolyn See, a woman I have admired for many years.

Carolyn See


In re-reading my well marked treasured copy of Carolyn’s book ‘MAKING A LITERARY LIFE’ Advice for Writers and Other Dreamers,  I noticed the inscription……

“For Nan Rae!

For Gilbert’s Sake’!


Carolyn See

You may remember Gilbert Leong was an early patron, mentor and most of all, dear friend.  I miss him greatly.  I wrote a blog about Gilbert’s chairs in my studio on August 28th of this year.

David Sutton, chef extraordinaire!010

For you foodies out there……


In the ‘It’s a small world’ department. There were so many China connections.  Lisa did a great deal of research for her latest book (she is a researcher par excellence) in Anhui Province where Richard King’s US/China Business Institute is headquartered.

What a memorable day. I’m inspired and off to paint!!!

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