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…..of course mom said it was delicious but honestly, no amount of gravy could save it.


This year I had Nikka go on line to get the proper time & temperature when using a convection oven…gosh….that only took 10 years to figure out!

Barely fits (24.54 lbs)!  First time using a meat thermometer because I couldn’t take any chances. 008

Cooking the neck and unmentionable body parts.  (I love having the neck for lunch T. day and can always tell if the turkey will be tender by it.)  This one was SENSATIONAL!


Mom proclaimed it DONE and beautiful!


It took these three to make the gravy!!!  Can you just imagine the goings on?



Vicki did a superb job of carving…….021

Say ‘Turkey’ everyone!


Everyone went back for seconds for my ‘Stuffing for People who Don’t Like Stuffing’!

It’s taken years but Charles finally prefers my cranberries to that stuff in a can.  Anyway, he said everything was the best ever and I agreed!!!


So did mom….


Tomiko looked sooooo cute!!!


Now it’s off to decorate the tree….

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