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Mom was first to greet me!056

My folks welcome me! They seem very excitable!


Hugs from Vicki…122

Nikka plays too..


Carol do bring Duchess to visit me…..040

Rose, I hear this was your idea….thanks for the crate!058

Time out…which ones the stuffed animal?067

I hear Sheila is a big Akita fan…


Dr. A.  gives me the O.K.016

Emma joins the team…….031


Kc, my new best friend….IMG_0865

Colleen too…


Add Lynne S.IMG_0892

But Violet, I’m an American Akita…


George and Olga love me….


Laurie wants to put me in the movies…..


I think it’s my tummy that she loves….


I call this ‘Baby Girl meets Sandie Girl’098

I’m clean again, thanks to Vicki…


Rose, is Sophia making a peace offering?020

Emma says I’m getting too big to do this…136

Paul, next time you come over bring Dakota…


Dr. M., are my nails too long?092

Ivan, I love dancing with you…


Jana, you are the best ever….I love your cooking!074 

Does this pose make me look fat?106

I’m quite the pro now at playing catch!

Mom, may I come over to see you when I have all my shots?


Sir Charles, that crown becomes you!156

Rex, take me to Hermes next shopping excursion.  They’ll love me in the Bev.011

Lauren, I’ll be bigger than your Chocolate Lab and Vreanna won’t be able to hold me then.


Kathryn, do you recognize me from last time?100

Here’s my cat pose Vreanna.086

Michaela I think you’re even cuter than me.


Now girls, don’t fight over me…wait your turn.023

Oh Rex you’re back.  I can just fit in that fine Hermes bag.


Jay, I hear you got a Saint Bernard.  Now that’s what I call a dog.  My mom had one and says I look just like a S.B. puppy.  Right Lucas?021

Martin I can’t wait for you to go walking with me!


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