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…..but you can kinda guess that from these photos. Lisa as you may know, is the inspired creator of  I suggested recently that it might be called ‘The Inspiration Network’ as that’s exactly what it is.  Lisa’s posts each week are non-denominational inspirational gems and I bet you’d thank me bunches once you followed the site.


Gosh, this is when I still had that piano.  It just never could keep a tune but Lisa sure can beginning when she was in ‘CHORUS LINE’ and never ending.  This was taken in the ‘90’s when I gave a tea for mom before she moved out here from Chicago. 


Did I mention Lisa sang at our wedding?  It was glorious!!!


Here’s Lisa’s husband Chuck, equally talented and fine as can be.  Chuck recently directed an episode of ‘CASTLE’ on KABC.  It was titled the ‘BLUE BUTTERFLY’ and boy I hope you got to see it.  What a great show……the plot flashed back to the ‘40’s and the costumes, lighting, music and may I add DIRECTING were  fantastic!  Kudos Chuck!!!









Fans of the show created some fantastic posters!




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