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…..I want to tell you about Trudy…..actually….TRUDY of the BIG HEART! If there’s an animal or human on the hill that needs help of any sort……Trudy is there in a big way.  She and hubby Geoff walk the hill and Trudy always has a pocket filled with doggie biscuits.  When Yuki would see her afar off, she would just sit down and patiently wait for Trudy to arrive. Charles got such a kick out of this that he dubbed Trudy “THE COOKIE LADY”! Yuki and Trudy became so close that Trudy would take Yuki for her early A.M. walk and let her romp and play at the water tower.

This was Trudy’s first meet and greet with puppy while Geoff waits patiently.


How’s this for good behavior?  I’d say it’s worth a cookie or two.041


Three weeks ago Trudy helped me take Kita to puppy play time at Petco.  (It takes a village.)008

Kita’s fan club started to line up before we even got in the door.


Let the party begin…..


I love little boys…..or little girls..or any human who walks by as I much prefer the two legged creatures to the four.  I guess I’m just a real people person….or is that people doggie?


Alycia, my new friend and Petco instructor. She thinks I’m a smart and a good dog.   Little does she know that it’s the treat she’s holding.  Don’t tell on me.


You look like lunch! You’re lucky I just ate.


Let the sniffing begin…..


Haven’t you had enough?


Trudy, don’t you think you should get me out of here?  These creatures are beginning to annoy me.


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