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and musician extraordinaire!  Matt and buddies Joe and Greg are graduates of Musicians Institute in Hollywood and have their own record label…’Heavyocity Records’.  Matt has his own band, ‘DELPHIAN’ and as if this talent isn’t enough, he also does storyboards for the movies.  These great guys live down the hill and I’ve invited myself over to visit their recording studio.

Matt is Kita’s ‘go to guy’ for walks and romps…hence the ‘angel’ title.

I digress…Thursday night mom and I had our usual at Porto’s.  Bianka & Shauna know it by heart….Cubanos on croissants with extra pickles and EXTRA pickles on the side.  Two cokes and two boxes of cheese rolls to go. 


I thought I had timed it perfectly in order to plop on the sofa at 8:00 for two hours of mind numbing American Idol.  What’s that about the best laid plans?……..Walk in the door and Vicki tells me there’s something wrong with Kita.  She can’t pee!!!  Well,  that would be a problem wouldn’t it?  Kita would just squat and maybe dribble….if this is all too much information for you, perhaps you best go to the next blog.

I called Kim, Kita’s trainer, and she sounded alarmed which made me terrified.  I was told that it could be a urinary track infection but whatever it was…..IT NEEDED IMMEDIATE ATTENTION!

Remember when I went to the Emergency Vet’s with Nikka?  That too was right after puppy had been to the vets….I’m seeing a pattern here.  Well, Nikka was off and I had no one to go with me to emergency.  Driving on the Ventura freeway with a crazed puppy is definitely a two man job.  Miraculously Angel Matt was home and he went with grateful me as he has a real calming effect on puppy.

Does this picture give you a clue?180

Kita managed to make about a dozen dribbles on the floor after the above  humiliation and we waited for what seemed like hours for her test results.

Finally we got the…’Yes, it’s a urinary track infection….she can go home with meds.’ Hence this high sign from Angel Matt.


Back in the waiting room we waited for the grand total and the meds while Kita danced with Paulina.


There was a flirtatious interlude with a four month old black lab but sadly it was destined to be two ships crossing in the night.


Time for another dribble………….


Woops..did I do that?  Sorry.




When you spend over $500.00 Christopher gives you this ‘designer’ bag to cart your meds (Clavamox…an amoxicillin… and Tramadol HCL for pain) and instructions in.  Ca-ching, ca-ching!



Safely home at last thanks to Angel Matt.  It was past midnight but I was so happy we went.  Kita managed to stay up, going outside thru the night but all is well now and we’re happy and on schedule!  O.K. Matt, time to rock and roll!

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