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……… there anything more wonderful?  I so look forward to watching the Wisteria come into full blossom each year.  Those wonderful barren branches that twist and turn about winding their way to new areas to grasp on to.


Springtime and the little pod shapes appear on the new growth vines.  They show no indication of what is to be and then slowly….. the petals open with the last to open at the bottom of each cluster. 


The leaves won’t appear until the blossoms are almost finished.


Did I mention the divine fragrance?


The bees are as excited as I am……


If you look closely you can see about three stages of the clusters.


This ‘Cup of Gold’ is the most amazing shrub ever.  During construction of this side of the house, the ‘plant’ was placed on the driveway with the roots still intact.  How it survived for over a year that way is beyond me but it did and is even more glorious than ever.  The cuttings really take so just let me know if you want one.


Guess what I’m off to paint……..

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