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…….In her excellent book ‘The Artist’s Way’, Julia Cameron (along with Mark Bryan) suggests taking one’s self out on a date and that’s exactly what I did because no one wanted to go with me to the Willie Nelson concert at Disney Hall.  Can you imagine?????

I was able to snag the last ticket for this sold out show but it was way up in the nose bleed section so when I went to the p/u window I asked if there happened to be anything closer and boy did I ever hit the jackpot.  I think I wound up with the best seat in the house!


So excited, I arrived early to have a relaxed dinner  and then went back to the W.N. merchandise table so many times the saleswoman said “Are you back again?”  My indecision resulted in not making a purchase at all.


I went into the concert hall as soon as they opened the doors and was able to watch all the peeps saunter in.


Almost time…..


Willie’s son Lukas and his band ‘Promise of the Real’ opened for him. The crowd was getting impatient and shouts of ‘We love you Willie’ were heard.   Lukas also performed a solo during Willie’s show and I can report that he’s quite the guitar player.  Harmonica player Mickey Raphael is to the right.  Legend has it that Mickey joined the group (hung around for a whole year) and one day Willie asked a band member, “Hey, what are we paying him?”  “Nothing.” was the reply.  Willie said, “Well then, double it!!!!”IMG_0948

Time for sister Bobbie to have a great honky tonk solo!


This gal was so excited throughout the entire show…..she kept bobbing up and dancing about…..


That’s it folks…………


Calm down everyone…………….


Bye bye Willie!!!!!!!!!!!!


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