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…….We’re all delighted to know that the Pasadena Playhouse is fully in the black and able to present outstanding plays such as the ‘Heiress’ under the fine guidance of Sheldon Epps, its Artistic Director.


It was a lovely evening…….


But first, a birthday celebration for Michele Dedeaux Engemann, Chair of the Pasadena Playhouse Board.  This  ‘Woman of Distinction’ for both Los Angeles and Pasadena along with her many civic involvements was a Brush painting student of mine many years ago at The Huntington Botanical Gardens along with her precious mom Helen Dedeaux.  I adored Helen and as she lived close to me, spent many an enjoyable afternoon with her talking about this and that and our take on life.  I miss her terribly.

Can you imagine they had Lilacs at the reception.  I LOVE Lilacs!


Back to the play.  Richard Chamberlain gave a brilliant performance, as chilling as Montgomery Clift in the movie, as the villainous Dr. August Sloper, father to retiring daughter Catherine.  His performance was so malevolent you could have cut the tension in the audience with a knife!  We were all drawn in and totally invested in this young girls plight.


Opening night food and festivities…….


Opening nights are so much fun…..



Word has it that the Pasadena Playhouse Premiere Gala honoring Michele on May 19th will be a stellar ‘Black Tie’ event! 

For more information:

Development Office: 626.921.1156013

Thank you Valerie for a most delightful evening!


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