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….lots of it….turned out to be the theme of this year’s birthday.

Lovely Carol began the celebrating with this exquisite phalaenopsis.  Can you see Kita?  Find Kita!  Better yet…forget Kita as she’s a very, very bad girl who’s in heat and pees whenever she is happy to see someone.  I bet you can fill in the blanks so I’ll say no more.   


Meet Sarkis, owner and general major domo of ‘My Favorite Place’.  Are you confused?….It actually is one of my favorite places but that’s the name of this charming, very girly restaurant on Wilson in Glendale.  Mom took me here for my B-day.


They always have the most delicious home made soup and this was a real winner!


Mom describing her lemonade.

Here’s Alissa, the other half of Sarkis.  Isn’t she adorable?  Always dressed in the cutest imaginable outfits and wearing heels…high ones…imagine!


Here’s the first of the days cakes.


I told you this was a cute place!


See…more cute!


O.K., after way too much celebrating I straggled home at 6:00 and right behind me were Nikka and Emma with ANOTHER b-day cake and an order of pizza (2) and 20 chicken wings in case we have to go into hibernation and need to pork up!


Kita wanted some pizza so she was terrorizing Emma who is hiding behind Vicki.

Finally….more cake!



Make a wish….(It sure wasn’t for more cake).


I love Olga and George….we always have the best, best time and it usually revolves around tea and some sort of goodie.


Here’s the goodie….


Here’s a close up of the goodie before we played ‘all gone’!


Woops…can’t forget Martin, Olga and George’s son.  Remember when he worked for me packing cards?  Wasn’t that fun Martin?  No?  Oh come on…Anyway, Martin and Yuki were best buds and Kita is trying her best to be the same.


Hey Laurie Pie…where’s the cake?  I’m only kidding…I love the beautiful plant and will take very good care of it!


Kathryn I’m so proud of you….loved your card and have been devouring the yummy cookies.  Thank you soooo much! 


Heartfelt thanks to one and all for the wonderful cards, e-mails and Facebook wishes…You made this the very best birthday ever and I treasure each and every one of you!

.For more information:

Favorite Place

115 W. Wilson Avenue



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