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….what to do?  Why ‘BIKING FOR DOLLARS’ of course as only the inimitable Rose Nielsen could do.  The goal…to raise money for a scholarship fund at Woodbury in Ken’s name to honor his 16 years of service.…….who would ever dream so big!  After a year of riding rain or shine…heat or cold…Rose managed to pull off the impossible…biking 6,000 miles. Somehow, this journey was kept secret from Ken which is why I couldn’t post the victory party sooner.  It was held at daughter Britta’s house while Ken was in China. 


O.K. officer, this is how we’re going to do it…


Off she goes for the last mile….


Rose’s daughter Britta’s biking with little Sophia her niece in tow.


The fire truck will follow…018

Lots of signs and cheering fans….


Can you imagine?


Waiting for the victory arrival

Crossing the 6,000 mile banner, fire truck and police in tow

In recognition of her commitment to Woodbury University and the city of Burbank, Mayor Dave Golonski awards Rose a city commendation.

High five’s all around!


Time to party…fire up the barbie…


The kids (of all ages) had a blast…


Rose’s precious granddaughter Sophia working the i-pad


Stay tuned for the total amount raised….I promise, it will blow your mind!!!!

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