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…..was the scene of the grand party celebrating Dr. Kenneth Nielsen’s retirement & his 16 year journey as Woodbury University’s 12th President.  Need I say it was bittersweet.

Richard King, Chairman Emeritus, spoke of his interaction with Ken as a member of the search committee.…it was delightfully funny and moving.  Lovely wife Carol to the left and dear Joan G. to the right.


Rose Nielsen’s sisters are so delightful I wanted to take them all home with me!!!


Gosh these gals have fun!!!!


Here’s a bit of Richard King’s speech….

Now the amazing Rose talks about her year long journey to raise money for a scholarship in Ken’s name by BIKING…..I already blogged about that but here’s the grand total…

wait for it…….

…..$372,812.81 for the ‘Ken Nielsen Endowed Scholarship Fund’, donated by friends and admirers to honor Dr. Nielsen’s 16 years of incredible leadership as President of Woodbury University.  The school rounded it out to a lovely, even $500,000.00.  That’s a lot of zero’s for biking!!!!  And, that’s why I call her ‘The Amazing Rose”.

Everyone was treated with a bag of ZEBRA Corn, Rose’s favorite and soooo yummy along with a box of ‘Hot Tamales’ candy, Ken’s favorite…




What a memorable evening!!!

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