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….pursuing a life of the mind.  Articulate and with a wide ranging frame of reference that he generously shares, Satinder has distilled his thinking on attaining lasting fulfillment in his latest book, ‘THE SEVEN HABITS of HIGHLY FULFILLED PEOPLE: Journey from Success to Significance’.* In it the need for self-knowledge is explained along with the desired gifts of purity of heart, the importance of gratitude, being generous and of service while also being harmless and accepting.  And above all, being present.


Here is the perfect antidote to combat Jacques Barzum’s notion that Western civilization is in decline.

Always wanting to showcase talent, Valerie, our hostess with the mostess, opened her lovely and inviting home so that her guests could be introduced to Satinder and treated as always to a memorable evening.

Here’s Valerie with her honored guests and acclaimed artist Gayle Garner Roski to the left.


No one in the entire universe can make an introduction better than Carol Soucek King so it was fitting that Valerie would extend than honor to her. To the far left is Satinder’s lovely wife Shally and to the far right, Christopher Slatoff, noted sculptor.


Jo Ann & John Gantus listen intently with Valerie..Can I do or write anything without a puppy or two?


I was really enjoying Satinder’s insightful talk….


With Vanya, Valerie’s lovely sister… 


Carol you are the dearest…..


The table was set magnificently and Josie once again outdid herself with the most elaborate and delicious Indian vegetarian feast.  Of course there were some dishes for the carnivores in the group.  Deserts were sublime!


I love this picture…Satinder and his lovely Shally look like a bride and groom!


Satinder signed books in the library and guests were delighted to have a personal moment to talk with him.  I was charmed by Shally as was everyone in attendance!!!


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