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…..did not disappoint his 7,000 plus fans who were spellbound by this brilliant performer, singer of songs and poet of the ages.  One can’t help but rhapsodize!!!


I’m soooooo excited!!!!


Love ‘The Nokia Theatre’!


Eager fans…..


Lines were endless for L.C. ‘stuff’…..


Had to do it! Popcornopolis Caramel Corn (Rose Nielsen got me addicted to this!)


Early, eager fans…..


Legendary Leonard Cohen, contemplative and self aware with that incomparable ‘golden honey’ voice and the ever present fedora….which he would doff in tribute whenever there was a vocal or instrumental solo. The two LED screens gave us up close and personal viewing. Singer, song writer and collaborator  Sharon Robinson had a stunning solo as did the incomparable Webb sisters with their ethereal harmonies. The 12 string Spanish guitar solo by Javier Mas was mesmerizing.


During the brief intermission I had a delightful conversation with Freya.  She’s a retired (recently) ‘Special Ed’ teacher & I told her she’s a saint!!!


The staging was simple and seemed intimate which is amazing considering the venue. It was awesome to watch as Cohen would drop to his knees during many of the songs. 



DANCE ME TO THE END OF LOVE  was sung again for the benefit of dawdlers.  A gracious handling of the tardy folks.

A treasure filled with  poetry and drawings from this greatest of lyricists.  Timely and meditative, this is by a master of language.


If you get just one, this would probably be the CD to have.  It contains ‘Dance me to the End of Love’, ‘Bird on the Wire’, ‘Take This Waltz’, ‘Everybody Knows’, ‘Suzanne’, Hallelujah’ and ‘I’m Your Man’ among others.


I had to get the ‘Old Ideas Tour 2012 program….am I a groupie?????


After 3 1/2 magnificent hours, Leonard Cohen left us by skipping off the stage!

For more information:

Los Angeles Times ‘Calendar’ front page review ‘HALLELUJAH, L.A.’ by Pop Music Critic Randall Roberts

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