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…..and Saturday’s class came prepared!  So many goodies….treats galore!


Kathy makes the very best Chinese Chicken Salad and fry’s her own won tons.  They’ve yet to be broken up as the salad awaits assembly.  Note to Kathy:  We devoured the extra salad you made for our dinner.  THANK YOU sooooooo much!!!


I bet you’re getting hungry.  Colleen got the Endame at COSCO and they were wonderful!!!!Of course you have to have Fortune Cookies at a Chinese Brush painting celebration! Dear Clara brought cakes and scones from an amazing bakery on the Westside.


These wonderful oranges are from Sweet Lynne’s tree!!!! Can you see the salmon treats?….I told Kc if she couldn’t make it to class she’d best mail these in…..they’re incredible.  Beautiful cheese’s from Lauren….I know I’m forgetting something or someone…..


Laurie’s special salad…..


Lynne, Laurie & Kc …….


This is the greatest picture….Kathy & Clara…


The tree didn’t want to be left out…..


It’s a wonder I can demonstrate at all with all the laughing we do…..Lynne S. has a list of my special phrases….otherwise known as ‘Nan Speak’…Bouncy bouncy, scrapy scrapy, thingie, mooshing, gooshing, oh the list goes on…will have to get a copy.

Oh how I love my precious, talented students.  I’m so proud of each and every one of them….they make my heart glad!



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