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…….yes, that’s correct…..every other Friday during the summer there’s a different dance band and this past Friday it was SALSA time!!!056  And they were great….the crowd loved it!


I mean they REALLY loved it……053 

This little girl was having her own dance party to the tune of ‘Splash Splash’!.



Nikka & I were there to see ‘FELA’, a super high energy musical at the Ahmanson produced by Jay-Z along with Will & Jada Smith. Taking place in Lagos, Nigeria in the late ‘70’s it’s based on the life of Fela Kuti, creator of ‘Afrobeat’ whose music & lyrics attacked the corrupt military dictatorship.  065

Not quite sure what this pooch was doing in the parking lot but he sure was cute!073

Kita thought in all fairness a picture of her should be inserted at this point.  This is how she looks waiting for Vicki and Nikka in the morning.  So cute!


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