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…….were the wondrous subject in class at the Huntington & in the studio this month!  This was inspired by my seeing them at Trader Joe’s.  They are here for such a short time & I so hope you are able to get some.

Diana Jeong was experimenting in one of the studio classes and about to throw this away.  Well, you know how I feel about that!!!  She posted it on Facebook with this comment…”All blobs until Nan Rae helped me with her magic.”  Actually we just combined our Ch’i and here’s the lovely result. 


I loved Kathy Wong’s amazing work!


Here it is close up….exquisite!


Monday mom came over for Memorial Day & I made grilled cheese sandwiches.


And here they are.  Oh boy………………….005

We got coleslaw from Kentucky Fried & also a chocolate cake (with ice cream) just in case we didn’t consume enough calories.007

Nikka has taught Kita to do a high five.011

Mom & Kita have a special thing going on!022

She’s such a good girl……034

Tuesday Laurie & I went to see Star Wars (I loved it) and then dinner at Katsuya.


Wednesday I was in Beverly Hills hoping to finally get my Mont Blanc fountain pen……it had gone to Texas twice for cleaning and adjustments.  This time, the sales girl was kind enough to tell me it was the nib that needed to be exchanged because I’m a lefty… back to Texas it went  & now I have to wait some more.  I miss my pen!


Then it was time to see beautiful Mary and meet Danny.  We had a great lunch at 208 Rodeo and talked forever.  I mentioned how I loved the new Star Wars so off they went to see it!


Mary is the International Development Officer for Cross International/Cross Catholic Outreach a non-profit serving the “poorest of the poor” all over the world with just a 5% overhead.  Mary just returned from a trip to Haiti where she visited over 100 mission locations and found it to be a life changing experience!.

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