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…….in Beverly Hills to celebrate my birthday.  It’s said to be the last bastion of civility in Los Angeles and we were in the Belvedere, one of it’s loveliest rooms. (Bringing back memories of L’Orangerie on La Cienega Blvd.)


I suspect if you’re not a foodie you probably don’t want to read or look any further……

Our first course was Smoked Salmon on a Potato-Scallion Pancake with CAVIAR & Chive Creme Fraiche.


Clara did the honors……….just looking at this made us smile and oh the taste….ambrosia!


And oh the bread, the glorious bread…..

122 Melon Balls Anyone???


Hold on….here comes the melon soup….perfection!


O.K., you want sublime comfort food?  How does Kona Crab Risotto with Sweet Corn, Peas & Mascarpone sound to you? I thought so!


I bet you’re starting to think about dessert…..can you  guess which one?


Awwwwwwwww, that was too easy…..

….of course, the 15-layer Godiva Liquor cake with white Chocolate Godiva Liquor Ice Cream!  Why would you even wonder?

Surrounded by beautiful flowers ……

147 and exquisite wall coverings….


…….sublime food and warm & loving conversation…..could one ask for more?

Of course not!!!

I thank you dear Clara with all my heart!


Looking for the perfect nest? Passion, Prosperity, Purpose, Possibility…..that’s Clara!

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