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…..It was simply sensational to have Michelle Bouse back in class….she’s sooooo busy!  Michelle is a celebrity makeup artist (famous for her amazing lashes) and is internationally known & LOVED!  Who wants to spend a day with me at Michelle Bouse’s Beauty Botique, Spa & Salon???  It’s in Toluca Lake.


Me and sweet angel Michelle…..


After class it was off to Jaga Buyan’s Design Studio for a showing of her latest work.

Jaga’s a student in my class at the Huntington & here she is showing my book to two customers……….


Where the magic happens……


….and then here….


Artistry in threads…………..


I love this creation….Carol King has a Jaga outfit….a full length flowing khaki-colored cotton/linen suit that is Old World traditional with a crest-of-the-wave current flair!


From the sublime to a movie so funny I laughed out loud all the way thru it! Do not miss this movie!!!


Miso Cod at Katsuya..


Next day I had to know if Brad Pitt kept us safe from Zombies…..


Relieved that all was well, Tomiko & I went to Ch’i Dynasty for Chinese Chicken Salad (the best) and a chicken dish I can’t seem to remember but it was yummy.


It’s so funny to see men in Anthropology….they always look so bored but this fellow was smart enough to pick up a book…

092 Wisdom from Coco Chanel:

‘There’s a price to pay for the sliver of ice in your heart.’

093 Along the way we saw this great Harley- Davidson from 1927 on display at Kiehl’s


I already blogged about my beautiful time with Clara at the Peninsula but what I didn’t mention was what happened afterwards.

I stopped at the Mont Blanc store on Rodeo(for the 3rd time) to pick up my Meisterstuck #149 fountain pen (it’s the jumbo one).  It had been sent for repairs twice and hope was that the third time would do it.  Met with apologies by the store manager I was given a new pen with a two year warranty AND an oblique nib made especially for lefties such as myself!  Can you believe??????


Next day…..time to visit some of my artwork and I blogged about that……


Wednesday Amy came to the studio.  Will we ever forget the magnificent flowers she did for mom’s 100th birthday celebration?  I think not….oh, and that amazing creation for my birthday!


She’s so cute!!!

Call Amy at 818.625.5243


Amy loved this painting……


Then we were off for Italian food at Amici in Americana…

Must photograph food……..

Photo1 they have the best Tomato/Basil soup…


…..this salad was way too healthy!


….our companion….


Now you know what the 4th of July means…..lots of BACON plus all the food groups: tomatoes, cheese and sourdough bread swimming in a sea of butter! All told there were 12 sandwiches!


Kita was hoping for a share……..


Let the fireworks begin!!!

Starlight Bowl seen from the studio deck.


….and we watched Universal City’s display.


The Dodger’s are away so there wasn’t a show from Dodger Stadium.

Hope you had a grand and glorious 4th!

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