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……my car decided to have a fit at Trader Joe’s…..the alarm went off and I couldn’t stop it….please, make it stop.  Silly me, when it did I went inside, marketed and when the groceries were in the trunk I could not start the car.  Wouldn’t you know…. when the Auto Club arrived it started and I was told the battery was probably at fault.

Lesson to be learned: Renew Auto Club membership on time and have a current card with you.  (Good news is you can do that on the spot.) Me bad.

I love Eden at Rusnak…..she’s always  honest with me and she’s just plain smart about cars and what could be bothering them.


Yes, it WAS the battery plus a slow leak in the coolant plus I needed new front brake pads or whatever.  At least you get a free car wash!

I needed cheese  for lunch…..


Tomiko and I saw ‘Blue Jasmine’ at the ArcLight in Hollywood.  Don’t miss this one.  I did a popcorn rating on my blog, ‘Movies, Movies, Movies’.


Then it was on to one of our favorites….Musso & Frank’s for the ‘Best Martini in Town’.


And the best Onion Soup……


……..and the best Steak Tartare. Yes, I admit it, I’m a carnivore.  Me bad again. Oh,…. the bread served with it will drive you wild!010

This must have been a movie week because Mary & I saw ‘Despicable Me2’ Saturday evening.  That popcorn rating is also on my blog ‘Movies, Movies, Movies’.  Then it was on to Katsuya (no photo)


A charming family scene.


We want minions!!!!


They’re needed to walk Kita……This is her classic ‘You talking to me?’ pose.


Notice how clean she is?


I suspect this will last a day or two more….”Leave it Kita!!!”


Kita would have loved to have been with me when I spotted this fox on Mountain right off of Allen.


…..and this King Charles Springer Spaniel (one of my all time favorite breeds).


He’s groomed for summer as their hair is usually long and silky.


O.K., one more thing and then the new week begins.

Get a look at this Harley…….


What year do you think it’s from???


The ‘40’s????


Earlier???? Look how old the license plate is.


I think I’ll close with that little puzzle.

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