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…..are displaying this limited edition ‘Ink Study: Rose’ print of my painting.  Some months ago I had blogged about flying to  Richmond, Virginia  to sign and number 300 pieces.  The Manger of each store decides how to best display it and recently Nikka & I visited the Pasadena, CA store where it’s placed over a bed.  A very serene, Zen like setting.


David, the manager of the store and Sheila, an assistant manger are very excited about the piece and will be arranging a ‘Meet the Artist’ to be held in a few weeks.

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Each piece comes with a little tag.  The front shows my signature……


….Inside is ‘About the Artist’….


And on the back, a description of the work, the type of print, paper, dimensions and price.

How cool is this!!!


While we were there…the sales associates came over to meet me…Here’s Richard, shaking my hand and Andrew standing next to him.


Pretty soon there was a crowd of associates and I had so much fun talking to them.  Special thanks to Nikka for all the great pictures!


Monique Schenk, my awesome architect, saw the piece at Crate and Barrel’s  Woodland Hills store and sent me this…….It would be great fun to travel to all the stores to see how they have displayed the work!


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