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… bound to be a great one!


Dorothy, Sandie’s mother is quite the artist and Sandie brought over one of her paintings and accompanying text for Nikka to scan and convert to greeting cards. They’re going to be wonderful!


Thank you so much for the beautiful Tulips Sandie…they were just the right touch for the Thanksgiving table!


Then it was time for Kita’s training in the park.  I asked Mary Beth to PLEASE show her that the bed is a good thing.  No luck, Kita refuses to use it but at least she’s not chewing it up as she did the previous four!


I give up.  Maybe Olga can use the bed for Jasper, their new rescued black lab.  He’s the sweetest and I suspect he understands he was saved from a high kill ‘shelter’ in San Diego.  I’ll get some pictures of him this week.

Time to meet Tomiko at Bar Verde….I’m addicted to that place.  Great food and a relaxing atmosphere.


Even the burgers are sensational there……


And these taco’s were absolutely delicious!

012 Love watching the food prep…they were making our taco’s.


The tree has been lit at Americana and the street is so sparkling…..


Monday Nikka & I took mom to her favorite Dr. She absolutely loves seeing him!


Then off to Habit for a burger……our usual stop after the doctors.


I know….what about Thanksgiving????  Well, day one I make the cranberries….I used to put canned Kumquats in but they’re hard to find so I just added the Cutie oranges along with some frozen O.J.


Vicki chopped the celery and onions, we sautéed them in a ton of butter and then combined all the stuffing ingredients.  I love adding chestnuts I get at Whole Foods.  (Always get an extra bag to snack on.  (Me bad!)


Enough of that….time to dash off to Americana….need books (are you laughing?) at Barnes & Noble.  Time to check out the new dumpling palace….. DIN TAI FUNG on Brand (they have valet parking).  It’s fantastic….especially the Juicy Pork Dumplings.


You can watch them being made…..


And the Sauteed String Beans with Garlic are sensational!


As are the yummy Cucumbers!


And the take-out bags and boxes are adorable!



Wednesday Kita was off to the vets for a bath. (B-Elegant, her spa, was totally booked). First the weigh-in…..94 pounds and growing!


Then I was off to Whole Foods to pick up our turkey.


I needed a snack in the car before the drive home…

069 Woops….don’t forget to pick up the dog….all clean for the big day!


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