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…..of horns that is and the cutest little fluffs I’ve ever seen.  Everyone obliged for the photo opportunity!



Then it was time to meet Tomiko for a movie…


….and dinner at Bar Verde. Of course there was a big discussion over the menu. (They don’t have the name plaque on my booth yet.)…..

016 I’m such a carnivore……(I know, I just had this last week!)


But I must say the scallops were delicious!


While I was having all this fun and frivolity, Kim was gaining ground on the garage……be afraid, be very afraid!


Monday night Lynne came over to pick up her cards and give me an assignment….painting Bamboo on her camera gear….


Let’s hear it for the tree!!!!


And the tree in the lobby at mom’s….(This one’s real!)

076 Meanwhile….Sandie Girl was doing all manner of adorable Santa ‘stuff’ at work.  How clever is this….a coat rack with Santa’s suit and  list of all the ‘Naughty’ ones. Yes, that’s Sandie’s name at the bottom!!


More cuteness….Hi Sandie!!!photo_6

Then, to make the week complete, the most wonderful card arrived from Miss Judith that I shall keep forever as it just makes me soooo HAPPY! Isn’t this just THE most charming ever!!!!! Love it so………..


O.K., settle down self and continue on….Let’s hear it for the tree at Americana…..


These roving musicians were so much fun….they even played Happy Birthday to a little boy!


When Sandie came over Kita got so excited I thought she’d jump on the table…..


I had to show Sandie Miss Judith’s wonderful card….


And Nikka showed me ‘Flipboard’ which I’m sure you all know all about but it’s news to me.  Gosh, this just draws you in and all you want to do is flip, flip, flip!


For now….love from Santa’s house!


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